Why hunt with us?
Cuz we LOVE IT!!! And we like to believe we're the best at it...

We're down home folks that have been hunting quail all our lives. We get it... The thrill, the excitement of that first point, the RUSH of the FLUSH!!! It's in our blood. Been on enough bad hunts to know what the perfect hunt feels like. Got fed up trying to find the honey hole... You know, that one place that always gives you a GREAT hunt. That place that makes the week easier knowing how much fun the weekend is going to be. Yeah, that place...

We couldn't find it so we decided to create it and Burks Quail Run was born. Course if we would have known how much work was involved we might have given it a second thought. Our women folk say it's like child birth... The labor aint no fun, to be sure, but wouldn't trade to other side for nothin.

We're on the other side and couldn't be happier. Friends, we did it right and your best quail hunt is only a click or a call away.

Try one hunt with us and you'll be back every time you can. Come join our family for the hunt of a life time...

You'll be glad you did!

Hunt Quail, Chucker, or Pheasant on our Private Reserve Today!

Our Prices: (per Gun, 3 Gun Minimum)
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We supply the guide, the dogs, and the birds. You shoot the birds and have all the fun... On location authentic Mexican lunch $18.00 (per person). Call for Corporate or Large Group pricing...
Quail Hunt
(20 Bird Min.)
Pheasant Hunt
(12 Bird Min.)
Ultimate Combo Hunt
(10q/4p/6c Min.)
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Chucker Hunt
(10 Bird Min.)
Hunts start Sept. 15th