Why buy Quail?
There were a lot of mouths to feed on an Egyptian building site so if you weren't employed as a pyramid technician you were probably growing wheat, fruit and raising quail. The Egyptians soon realised that quail were a brilliant source of protein for their workers so established large farms for breeding them.

These days, Egyptian might not be that widely spoken anymore but quail are still an important source of food for both the meat and eggs in a lot of countries. Quail eggs are in fact arguably more nutritious weight for weight than chickens eggs. Want to know more?

So, the first reason is the health benefits. The fact that they're yummy is a bonus.

Next, you might have some land and you want to stock quail to hunt. Trust us, it's a blast. It's also additive so don't say we didn't warn you.

Finally, you may want to train your prized bird dog yourself, or train dogs for others. Lot of money in that! You may be a bird dog breeder. The list goes on... The important thing is, WE have your birds right now whatever the reason.

Our inventory is at approximately 25,000 quail and you can buy all you want right here, right now...
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Buy Flight Conditioned Bobwhite Quail to Hunt, Train, Raise, or Eat!

Northern Bobwhite
Dressed & Vacuum Packed
$5.25 each
$6.25 each
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